Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Overheard on the terrace

Japanese animes are being discussed. The next logical stop are cartoons. D recounts this episode of Top Cat.

Top Cat, in Manhattan smart clothes, approaches a fashionista-type feline with red lips and a long cigarette.

‘Hi baby, what’s your name’, he asks, sidling up to her.

‘A.T. Jazz’, she purrs.

‘What does A.T. stand for?’

‘All that.’


Nonentity said...

there was a time when TC used to be my favorite..

Chamki said...

Mukta Raut?
Glamour Glen Building, bandra west once upon a time?

Mukta said...

Hi non - TC - ? Turquoise Cottage? Really?

chamki, yep. that's it.

Jay Sun said...

Nice :)

Nonentity said...

top cat.. :)

Chamki said...

Me = the girl who lived below you.
Will stop by often.