Sunday, March 04, 2007

Married and back

It has been a long time since I was here last. I know that because it is my blog (obviously) and because I had forgotten my password. Actually, I think I remembered the password but had forgotten the username. So, I couldn't post.

I am now in Delhi and have thus far traveled by bus to Noida and back thrice. I loved it. Very rustic - the manner in which passengers are hailed, the conniving conductor looking to see if I would actually ask him to return my change, the slightly smelly but cute children who benignly parked themselves on me when the bus lurched this way and that, and the hindi declarations of numbers which I do not understand. What is 'chaurasi' and 'pacchatar',etc.? Noida is divided into sectors (maybe chaurasi sectors or pacchatar sectors or something like that). Once I needed to go to sector 29 and since I did not know what it was called in Hindi, I got off rather belatedly. It was nowhere near where I wanted to go but the bus guy was quite polite. He gave me some hard to understand directions and also shoved a guy from the bus to ensure I got down comfortably.

Then I got into a cycle rickshaw and I just have to say this - the people operating the cycle rickshaws are the sweetest people in the whole world. They are helpful and willing and so soft-spoken and honest. Perhaps I gush but they deserve it. I asked a fellow where I would get a bus back to Delhi. He took me to the bus stop and waited for me until I got into the correct bus. Then he waved and went off. If that isn't sweet, what is?

Also, what warmed my heart but for entirely different reasons, is the slothful, greedy, overcharging, meter-rigging gang of auto-rickshaw fellows. You come across a rickshaw stand and no-one is willing to take you where you want to go. Finally one agrees at a price that makes you wonder if you are making a monthly transaction. Then 7 minutes of haggling and a tripping ride over some 3 flyovers that look the same. And that's when you think of your year in Pune and how that prepared you for the world. And you sigh!

Finally, my first encounter with slightly scummy male populace happened at an interview in a software firm.

Some things don't change.


Nadim said...

wow! congrats! wish u a wonderful married life!

nothing else about marriage in the post !?

Jay Sun said...

Congratulations and Welcome Back !!!

Nonentity said...

welcome back .. glad the city welcomed you just as much as you welcomed it in your heart .. :)

Neha said...

oh good to see you back on the blog!

hope you've been enjoying yourself :) and i am glad you are in delhi. enjoyed your posts from bombay and pune, but it is better to have 'our special correspondent' based in delhi :))

Blythe Spyryt said...


shub said...

Congrats Mukta! :)

Rajesh said...

Congratulations! I am delighted to see you back. The wedding must have kept you very busy indeed. I am glad to learn that your experience with Noida was positive. This is a great place to live in specially because of the excellent job opportunities here. Did you get that job? Do you by any chance have a profile on Please keep writing and thanks once again for your posts---- Rajesh from Sector 21, Noida Noida re chakri, saita bholo hebo! eithi kamo besi au loko kam.