Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sour Note

Let me just say this – it is very easy to travel in cars and think that everyone else on the road - in a rick, on a cycle, in a bus, inside a pothole, outside a pothole, in perambulatory mode, is a nuisance. It is very easy to make goddamn cracks when someone gets pelted with stones. It is very easy to joke about someone who has to ward off strange advances from people a little too eager to give you a lift. It is very easy to sit in your car and say, ‘Oh..why are you walking? Why don’t you just rick it? Or just buy a car? Why don’t you do that?’

Well, here’s why. Because I have legs. Because the road is not just for people on wheels. Because I have the goddamn right to walk to wherever I want to whenever I want to. Because this is a free world. Because to walk home and not be accosted is a perfectly reasonable expectation. Because if I do get accosted, it is a violation, and I do not see the humor in that situation. Because walking someplace is a choice. Because when I decide to walk home, I am not, I repeat – I AM NOT, asking for it.

I hate everyone.

Oh..and on another note. Here is a very interesting way to give a creamy, flavorful texture to your omelets. Take two spoons of garlic-pepper cheesespread and add them to your eggs while beating them briskly. To be had with scalding beverage in the balcony overlooking the pool.


Dadoji said...

Boy, someone sure is having mood swings. The perfect cure is a swig. On a more serious note, I agree. Some people need to be told right off.

A good french omlette is made creamy by adding a dash of milk or so Danielle taught me.

Balcony overlooking pool sounds wonnerful. My favourite balcony is hidden behind a tree and overlooks a garden. Sadly, it is my balcony but I will never get to stay there again.

Ameet said...

I second the milk-in-omlette suggestion. Also, here's a great way to make fluffy scrambles. Heat 1/4 cup of milk in the pan. Add eggs. Stir. Season with salt & pepper. Enjoy with buttered toast. The eggs turn out deliciously fluffy. You can dry them out, or leave them soggy.

Ameet said...

Did I say 1/4 cup? I meant 1/2 cup. Sorry.

Mukta said...


Yep..thats true - adding a little milk helps the texture.

Hey ameet,

that scrambled egg recipe sounds really neat! Can't wait to try it!

doubtinggaurav said...

Why do you hate me ?

Mukta said...

hi gaurav

i dont hate you. i'll give you a toffee and a balloon! how does that sound?