Thursday, August 03, 2006

Growing pains

My first day at kickboxing.

A lot of grunting and groaning while doing push-ups on knuckles; a lot of wondering why the hell two minutes seems so long with leg in mid-air and stomach hurting and thighs feeling like they’re getting pulled by a tenacious rhino. And this was before the going got tough.

Of course, the idea is that my body and mind get so strong that I can be lethal and deadly to attackers. As it happens, kickboxing is more useful than my initial strategy of taking them home and making them eat my culinary experiments. Or telling them about my job. (That works well with creepy first dates, though.)

But as I do stomach crunches and thigh-bends, I realize that maybe I should have stayed at home and read ‘How to win friends and influence people’.

No enemies…no aaaargh!


doubtinggaurav said...

No pain, No pain

Anonymous said...

Javed bhai bhi Kickboxing sikh raha hai!!!!!!!!

Lage raho Munaa(Mukta) bhai.............


Mukta said...

hey gaurav,

good one!

Hey PK!

Have to tell you about my wedding! Where you? And who is Javed bhai?

Dadoji said...

So now the lady who has a way with words will learn to get her way with fists and kicks? OMG! 8-o

shub said...

haha! awesome! kickboxing? in preparation for your wedding? :P
awesome! Its soemthing I wanna learn too!