Thursday, July 27, 2006

From the sublime to the ridiculous

A dreamy, drizzly morning. Pearl-drops and hill-shimmer on leaves and horizon. The sky looks like mountain peaks breathed on a cold slab of glassy air. Clouds swirl as if a pine incense were lit somewhere, deep in a forest; by a muddy river that sparkled right where it tickled a rock playfully.

I walk into the living room to see all this – a morning awakening like the notes in Sufi music. Simple, surreal, spiritual.

Time passes. Slowly, I see the magic realism of the morning receding.

Later, J and I leave for office. The moment we step outside her building onto the common compound, a dizzy, cool wind rustles us a little bit. As if we were trees. I think I tell J to use her camera more often.

J responds. She tells me of this time in Delhi when she saw a woman from the media with a badge pinned strategically above her breasts. The badge said, ‘Press’.

She laughed – doubling over, no less. I shook my head dismally at first, but smirked all the same.

Goodbye, my morning of valley songs. You were good while you lasted.


Anonymous said...

fancy this...all i see in the drizzly mornings is a wet dog trying to climb my bed to roll on it and make a mess.

-the 2nd mistake

Mukta said...

Dear Second mistake,

How are you? Perhaps then, J's joke wouldn't have been too out of place in your scenario. he he!

doubtinggaurav said...

droll !

Mukta said...

Hey gaurav,

I see you got the joke. he he! Just ribbing you...don't mind. :-D

MellowDrama said...

Hey nice post, definitely sublime besides the press bit, which is rather funny on hindsight. Strange, it never struck me..ever!

Mukta said...


Yes, well...these things seldom strike people other than J. She's got this gift,you know...