Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Unending

Through powdered dusk
With caramel light
And hint of musk
A cloud floats in sight

Over a thick green grove
curtained with fog
It's a treasure trove
By a smoky bog

A trove of Navajo lilies
And fairy bees
And striped bass
And wood berries

The cloud swirls through moments
When nothing much matters
When the sky is silent
And the moon royally flatters
And shines so distant
Over grass and thyme
And makes such songs
With note and rhyme

One time when colors are yet to settle
One time when darkness is sharp with nettle
One time when there are motes of twilight dust
One time when the day is here but..almost..just

The cloud looks down on the orchid earth
So solid and peaceful it rests
Its crannies with foliage, its nooks with winged life
So full of troughs and crests

It's tender core lies beneath
Very stoic, blue, and quiet
It whispers to the frail roots
And its whispers are ivory white

It susurrates of times to come
Of stunning awe and fame
Its ivory specks go and fix themselves
To those frail roots with no names

It tells of silence that is yet unborn
The denouement of wistful prose,
The silence that will herald and thrall
The epiphany of a rose


Anonymous said...

good one...

congrats Mukta, just read ur Delhi blog.....really happy for you.


Anonymous said...

it was a wonderful poem the poet must e great too.

Mukta said...

Hi Pravin,

Thanks a lot. Very sorry I couldn't meet you. Wanted to and show you the pictures. But I didn't have your mobile number. Had forgotten to save it when you'd called.

Again, thanks!

Mukta said...

hello anon,

thank you. I'm gld you liked it..and about the poet..well, you could be right. he he!

Ameet said...

Mukta! Write a book! Soon! What're you waiting for?

Mukta said...

hey ameet,

I'm waiting for a sory. :-)

Sunny said...

'denouement of wistful prose'! Awesome!

blythe spyryt said...

Hey there! Lovely the last line the most.

Anonymous said...

and the lake says until


Khakra said...

argh argh, rose day is back in college and i see only white

Samudyuta said...

hi mukta,
read ur poem wonderful,u seem to have creativity as an asset thats really great.

Mukta said...

Hi Sunny,

Thanks! :-)

Hey blythe, liked the last line? Glad that it was over? he he!

hey anon,

hmm. that sounds familiar. :-)

hey khakra,

why is that, i wonder? perhaps they know what you thinkof kids.

Hello Samudyuta,

Thank you very much. :-)