Friday, May 12, 2006

Bouncy, bouncy

Birds chirp happily. Cows with bells amble along. Gulpacious mangoes on wooden carts sing to each other. Flowers bloom with determined gush of color. Dogs scamper. People smile and say hello.

Smooth stones shine, eggs cook easily, and every sip of every beverage is perfect. Bees buzz, pebbles in the stream laugh with the water song. Lilies are wrapped in bright yellow paper. Beatific foreigners collect them in their wicker baskets attached to their shiny bicycles and ride off. Cane chairs get dusted under gnarled banyan trees.

Every little, brittle thing is shiny and nice-old and fragrant. There is a quick, happy pulse in the air. There is also an ‘Om’ resonance in the breeze.

Tomorrow is happy, urgent, insistent, now, here. Today is full of tomorrow.

It is the most perfect day ever and it will come again.

To step out in the bright, white cape of sunlight is to remember, and after remembering to celebrate, and after celebrating to forget…that scrumptious Friday feeling.

1 comment:

Anand said...

Touche !
Children walk to school,
children run home...
Except that it's more like the scrumptious three-fourths Sunday feeling !