Friday, March 24, 2006

Sometimes the dance floor is empty

When you look around the dance floor, you see a fringe of people. They drink, they dance, they move, they glance. And somebody on the far end of the bar table opens his wallet and touches a photograph, very very tenderly. Dedicated to that stranger in Fire and Ice who, well, reminded me to miss.

You weren’t supposed to matter,
I wasn’t supposed to care,
It was understood I’d stay here
And you’d simply move on there

You don’t really matter
And I don’t really care
I like being here
Just as you enjoy being there

But sometimes when there’s music
And longing runs free
I catch myself thinking
Of the way you danced with me


Anonymous said...

sweet, sweet emotion. a sadness that brings a smile to your face. :)

-J [teerathyatra]

Hyde said...

Tis lines like these, that remind me of times that went by. Times that I try to put behind me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow Mukta . Simply unbelievable ... just so many lines and so much to feel....
Lovely ..what else can I say, except how true true...

Do visit my site someday ...ive just started writing - and leave your comments .. I'd really value that
Take care
Highest Regards!
(The same anonymous who wrote about you being like Madonna -remember?)
PS-Abhishek works with me -he introduced me to your site - and theres no looking back since then!

Rabin said...

not veerrryyyy verrrrry bad :P

Sunshine said...

Very good, and touching :)

chitra said...

Hmmmm...whatz up Mukta?? Something

Blue Athena said...

Ah! I met a stranger on a floor too! :P

Mukta said...

Hi J,

I'm glad you're smiling and a little surprised that what puts a smile on your face isn't edible.:-)

Hey Hyde,

Let's clink glasses on that one.:-)

Hey Supriya,

Thanks a lot! I checked out your blog. vEry neat. Unfortunately, I was unable to put in a comment. I kept getting a server error.

In case you read this, I really liked Brindavan Express. :-)

Hey Rabin,

Gosh! You overwhelm me!

Hallo Sunshine,

How goes it? Thank you. Remembering someone is always touching...

Hey Chitra,

No re, nothing. I think I've had my fill for a while.

Hallo blue,

Really! Tell me more!

Warble said...

Simple, elegant, heartfelt, Frost-ian. Gimme more.