Friday, March 10, 2006

Somebody's watching...

How else could:

kthe lights go off just as I rummage through my purse to locate my keys?

kcome back on immediately after I’ve squinted in the mobile light to open the door?

kgo off again as soon as I step in?

kthe phone beep shrilly and startle me as I try to gauge whose shadow I see outside the window?

kcome back on to show me a huge, black spider squatting on the sofa in all its glory? It looks like a shriveled cat with many legs. And what’s with the disdain, insect? I like my new hairstyle, even though Z and J start talking of bird flu every time they look at my head.

kblink off again after the spider begins to advance towards me? I dodge a black spider in pitch darkness with thunder rattling the window panes. A good time to holler ‘I want my mommy!’

kMommy call right at that moment to tell me that I should leave my job. Why? She hangs up. My cousin’s on T.V.

kthe phone get out of charge as I feel something furry against my toe and try to fix the bright Reliance glow on the obtrusion?

kall the wicks in my seven candles fray and come off as I try to light them?

kI stub my toe and drop the last match in a pool of water..which reminds me that I should have wiped my shoes before I got in.

ksit on the sofa, close my eyes, and hear a gruff voice practically breathe over me: ‘Madam, not safe to leave door open when there are no lights.’ It’s the watchman with my house keys that I dropped outside.

kThis perfect little orchestration of co-incidental glitches is obviously for someone’s benefit.

Somebody’s watching, and to whoever it is, may I recommend Star Movies. Leave me alone….with the lights on, please.


Anonymous said...

fantasy ? or fears ??

maybe wishful thinking !!

Mukta said...


Well, I sure hope no-body's watching..

sinusoidally said...

There is a conspiracy against you!

Mukta said...

Hi Sinus,

:-) You say that with such certainty, it's scary. he he!

Khakra said...


Mukta said...


In that case, it should be scared of me with my new hairstyle. he he!

Bohemia said...

Hi Mukta:

Mebbe you watched too much of X-files.

Just found you on blog. Nice writing.

IN case you are wondering, I am Kalpana from LexSite.