Tuesday, March 14, 2006

In level with my eyes

Months away from June,
I saw a copper moon,
It pinned the sky in place
To a misty celestial lace

It was round and blurred and strong
And didn't stay too long,
And while its luminous work got done
It reminded me of the sun

Two stridents of space
Floating high and free,
Two lofty poets in thought
That shine with gallantry

And while I contemplate both
In silence and with fervor,
One is easily praised
For the other, one must endeavour

One coaxes a song
From hesitant, shy lips,
One forces an anthem
As it resolutely slips

For one, 'tis enough
The tints and hints and sheen,
For the other, 'tis a must
To have a grand requiem

One understands the traces
Of the final moment that drags,
To salute the end of the other
We proudly raise our flags

Note: The photograph of prayer flags in Sikkim was sent to me by K, a friend. On receiving supreme compliments for it, she graciously passed on the credit to her husband.

The unseen photograph of the copper moon was shown to me by J. Typically, her words were, 'Go and look up at the sky.'

Thank you, both.


Ashish Gupta said...

wats a copper moon :-/

Blythe Spyryt said...

I saw it too :) While waiting for the bus back home.

~Sen~ said...
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~Sen~ said...

for once you decided to not make us all get ROTFL with your gut busting posts :P

.... and it's turned out beeeeeeeautiful :)

p.s. I'm sure the witty devil in you must have found out some grand stuff to write about this Holi. Waiting for it.... the next in laughter therapy ;D

Anonymous said...

Hi Mukta ,

You write very very well.
Its a pleasure to read your stuff .
Keep writin'-it'll make me keep smilin'

Ash said...



Warble said...

Gosh, you actually rhymed "moon" with "June" and got away with it! The "copper" helped.

White Magpie said...

Beautiful!! You have the gift.

Mukta said...

Hi Ashish,

The moon looks slighty rusty..

Hey spyryt,


Hey sen!
How are you? What are you listening to nowadays?

Hallo anonymous,

Thank you!

Hey ash!


Dear warble!
Thanks so much! By the way, the movie reviews you did were very good - as usual!

Hi magpie!
You really think so? Thanks!