Sunday, February 26, 2006

I went to the movies

Just watched Crash.

And I write this in the quiet gush that follows after watching something stunningly evocative. I don’t think I will catch the next person on the road and tell them to watch this film. I will not SMS in frenzied urgency. I will wait because my time to recommend this film and my turn to say why will come. Not tomorrow perhaps, not next year perhaps, but much, much later.

Maybe fifteen years later, when my children get involved in a group that insults foreigners...or maybe when they are the outsiders that people insult...maybe then, I will tell them about this movie. Until then, I'll probably live that story.

About how discrimination begins at home, how angry people beget angry reactions, and scared people hate. How the weak person can be strong. How the timid can be fierce and the loud can be dumb. How sometimes you let the authorities molest you and how sometimes you watch and let it happen. How the molester is probably a guy with a sick father who helped the voiceless get a good life.

How exploitation or fairness is not a legacy but a choice. How you could give a chance to a person one time and wrench away one from another.

How a prejudice is like a limitation…argue for it and it is yours.

It's a movie that will mature in the mind. Because its horrific how you can identify with the perpetrator as easily as you can with the victim. How you can have three experiences and dismiss off a race as acne. How bias is the truth, the lie, and everything in between.

About how you can miss out so much about a person because of the notion that they are wrong. Not your type.

About how you can think of a person as vile because he sullied you and be right. How you can thank him for being a savior and be right about that too.

I’ll tell my children how, when everything's said and done, people come home. How they look out the window and see where they belong and where they don't and they see the same place.

About how you will live in this world and learn that perception is reality...and how it isn't.

And when I'm done saying this, I'll tell them about the spectacular scene where Matt Dillon rescues the woman from the upturned car as gasoline scorches around them.

And how I almost missed Crash because I thought this was an action movie..the wrong movie for me, not my type.


Ashish Shakya said...

Beautifully worded,that description.I like how you play around with contradictions and opposites,much like the movie does - it doesn't force a message upon you,neither does it offer solutions - it just shows you what is,through very real and believable charatcters.The irony at the end,involving Ryan Phillipe is especially poignant.

Oh and the bad cop who saves the woman is Matt Dillon, not Ben Stiller...and yeah they both starred in 'There's something about Mary'.

Ameet said...
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Ameet said...

This movie had me at the opening line:

"It's the sense of touch. In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something."

It really feels that way when you live in American suburbia for a long time. More so in LA which was completely built around the car. There are places (and I'm not making this up) where one needs a car just to cross the street, because there are no pedestrian crosssings for a mile on either side. I could never live there.

I like movies that make you think. That life is full of contradictions. That there is no absolute right or wrong. That there are shades of grey we must learn to appreciate.

New Dik On The Blog said...

I'd have loved to watch it on the big screen. Unfortunately, i watched it on a VCD sometime last year. Thought it was already released in theatres and that i missed it.

phoenix is right. Its Matt Dillon, and he's nominated for best actor in a supporting role at oscars for this movie.

Anonymous said...

Some valuing those of their own, Side or Mind,
Still make themselves the measure of Mankind;
Fondly we think we honour Merit then,
When we but praise Our selves in Other Men.

Alexander Pope

Mukta said...

Yes, Matt Dillon...Thanks all!

Rabin said...

so this ain't a comedy?

Chai Anyone? said...

it is a wonderful movie. i liked it very much as well.

karmic_jay said...

It's a great movie. Terrific ensemble cast. For some reason Mrs. Jay missed the movie and watched it on DVD and was totally floored. I loved it too and I recommended it to everyone I knew. I think it is more appreciated on the big screen.
All the characters drew me in as each one had something unique about them, all of them so fallible and human. The actor who plays Thandie Newton's husband is Terrence Howard. He is even better in the movie hustle and flow. He is nominated for his role in it for an Oscar. If you get a chance to watch it please do.
PS: The NY Times did a piece on India's new rich. Link to it along with my take on it is on my blog. If any one cares to visit/comments/flames..its all welcomed. karmic musings..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful movie!!! I saw it on dvd and would love to watch it on big screen.

Making a movie of this calibre needs some serious thought process and playing with the minds twisting the storyline.

Thanks to "Paul Haggis" for scripting and filming such a wonderful story.

karmic_jay said...

I also read someplace (can't recall exactly where) the movie had trouble getting financing. One of main actors in the movie, Don Cheadle came up with a lot of his own money to finance the movie.
Turned out to be a solid idea!

gitika said...

I hope you will be around when I want to talk to my children about different ness and how its a virtue.

Am completely certain now that I want to watch Crash as soon as I can.

shub said...

i too thought it was an action movie...unitl now! will watch!

Mukta said...

Hi Anonymous,

That's a lovely verse. Thank you!

Hey Rabin,

Well, some people do laugh at racial slurs, so I suppose the movie could be comical...but I'm pretty sure that's not what it set out to be. :-)

Hey chai,

You watched it on DVD?

Hi Jay,

I agree. Terrific cast - all of them! For once I even liked Brendan Fraser. By the way, read your post. Liked it very much. :-)

Hi anonymous two,

Yes, wonderful bit of storytelling. I like this, you know, when sub-plots weave into one another.

Hi Gitika,

Of course! I'd love to be the way, how long is the wait? he he! Not that I have plans or anything. :-D

Yes, do watch it and tell me if you liked it.

Hey shub, :-)

karmic_jay said...

Mukta.. Thanks for visitng my lil corner on blogspot..