Tuesday, February 14, 2006

February the Fourteenth

This morning, I went for a spirited, revitalizing jog in the Osho garden. (A moment to bring everyone’s attention to the word ‘jogged’. I ‘jogged’ – that is, I ran like an intoxicated duckling. I didn’t just perambulate like a sleepy drop of molasses around South Koregaon as some people think I do.) Anyway, after my aforementioned stint of blood rushing exercise, I perambulated like a sleepy drop of molasses around South Koregaon.

Now, South Koregaon has some lovely, plush bungalows. Gardens with marble statues and sofa-sized swings upholstered in peach chintz. White wrought iron furniture. Long driveways and arches. Manicured lawns fringed with delicate blossoms. And my favorite – marble name plates that say, ‘Poona’, instead of Pune. Houses with vintage je ne sais quoi where breeding rubs off on the pedigreed canines. They cover their mouths with their paws when they cough and strut around as if on high-heels. I’m sure they all have Burberry raincoats for the monsoon.

Anyway, outside one such house stood a black and white striped squirrel. At 7:30 in the morning, it was indeed bright eyed and bushy tailed. I was happy to note that it had been depicted so correctly in Enid Blyton books. The squirrel was looking up at the huge, black iron gate very fixedly. It seemed to be reading the sign, ‘Beware of Dog’. Then it looked about and on finding nobody to share a moment with, looked at the sign again. It scratched its head. Surely the sign couldn’t be for it, could it? Maybe the flurry of furry didn’t quite understand what ‘Beware’ meant. It looked about again, flicking its tuffy tail. It blinked. It rubbed it’s bright, round nose. It smoothed its hair and ran its paws over its chubby cheeks.

Then it gave the sign one last glance and went in through the little flap door of the gate.

I’ll just put it down to young love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, all.


chitra said...

Ha ha ha ha .... love??

Mukta said...

yeah...u know how it is to be in love and not pay attention to the beware signs...he he!

Ameet said...

Depsite many visits to Pune, I've only been to Koregaon Park once. I remember being awed by the stately residences with old-world marble statues in the front yard. Pedigreed pooches with Burberry raincoats would fit right in :)

Squirrels are fascinating creatures. Bunnies too. They can entertain for hours.

madhavan said...

those bungalows are awesome. that whole place is just plain awesome. those snarling huge trunks of trees which are like umbrallas and those nameplates - Hiranandani, Forbes, Vajifdar...if only i was filthy filthy rich or a squirrel or a beware-dog or a nameplate, i could be there forever. but i am not. what to do, life is like that only.

sachin said...

Hi Mukta,

I love reading ur posts. I came across a e-authour contest orgainized by Hindustan times. I am sure u will win if u participate in it. Link is given below:


GhostOfTomJoad said...

The only time I've been to the Osho garden was about 10 years ago - I remember it as absolutely fantastic. Wonder if it's still the same. Was in Pune three times last year and completely agree with my friend, who has decided to never move out of the city, that life is quite laidback there. Each time I've been there, he has taken me to play golf very early in the morning and, living where he does, we have to pass some of these lovely bungalows that you've described. I also love those army officers' huge old houses...damn, I'm already feeling nostalgic! :-)

DewdropDream said...

nice description... but i think u got somthign wrong.. Enid Blyton was describing squirrels native to her land, what u saw wa an Indian squirrel... and they have their differences... English squirrels have extra bushy tails and look like Chip n Dale ( i have proof positive about this) :)

Mukta said...

Hey Ameet,

You must visit again - pereferably, early morning.

Hi Madhavan,

Yes. Life's like that only. :-) By the way, I ain't filthy rich or a squirrel or a sign board and I'm still in close proximity of all of that. Cool, huh?

Hey Sachin,

Thanks! I couldn't open the link though...

Hi ghost!

gOLF! wHERE?! I want to play golf too! Can anyone go or do you need to be a member? I suppose you need to be a member. Wow! A golf course!

Hello dewdrop,

Hmm. well, I haven't seen too many squirrels anyway, so to me a squirrel is a squirrel is a squirrel. But they are all cute! :-)

GhostOfTomJoad said...

There're so MANY places in Pune where you can play golf. I'm surprised you don't know. There's one run by the CME, which is REALLY far…at least from where I go and stay. Then there are two at BEG and RSI. I can't be absolutely sure but, I think, most golf courses there, at least these three that I've been to, are run by and belong to the army. So, if you know someone in the army, you can get in without any problem. Oh, please try golf...it's everything it's cracked up to be. I loved it and will positively be going for another round on my next trip :-)

Mukta said...

yep..these places are very very far from my place. Anyway, hunt for army man is on now. :-) thanks for the info.

ranjan said...

hi - nice. i do the walk (too lazy to jog) around the nullah park too, on occasion. by the way, is this the same mukta (miko and rini's friend)? if it is, i now run an ad agency round the corner from great punjab, and yes, also learning to play golf - at the poona club course, on the airport road.

hahah but procrastination is my middle name.

write me ranjanrr at gmail - if you're the same mukta