Thursday, November 10, 2005

We've stepped over the thin, red line

My roomie and I have been working very late hours. And plodding through the graveyard shift does affect the mussed cerebrum, as we have found out lately.

We usually write a note to our bai asking her to cook for us. These instructions are written in italicized Hindi with calypso spellings. Oddly enough, our bai understands. Of course, sometimes there is occasion for wry humor. Like when we told her to make four chapattis and had written 4 in Hindi. She read our four as eight in English. My roomie and I had a big lunch that day.

Or like the time both of us decided to eat more leafy vegetables. We often discuss herbivorous victuals when we’re on the terrace gazing at broccoli-like tree-tops. The next day, we wrote to our bai asking her to make palak (spinach). She prepared it and kept a turmeric dusted note, ‘That was methi.’ I don’t think she was familiar with smileys, but if you looked closely, you could see a yellow stained curve.

Today, my roomie and I get home to find some fresh veggies in the kitchen. When my roomie is tired and/or deranged, she talks with an accent. (A cross between Irish and Scottish, but what she believes to be American).

‘She’s got ‘bataata’ (butt-at-aa), ‘tamatur’ (tum-at-err), ‘methi’ (may-tee),etc.’, states Z coquettishly. Then she laughs hysterically while I hunt for my charger. It’s under the onions. (Onions cook faster if left in close proximity to a Nokia charger – and they say I can’t cook.)

“You know, if we pronounce vegetables like that, she won’t know what to make,” chortles Z.

“Stupid, how are you going to write with an accent?”, I ask.

Then we both fall to the floor laughing like the surviving witches of Macbeth, each holding an onion and a potato.

It can now be said with some degree of certainty…we are not normal anymore.


~Sen~ said...

Tubby's world still keeps her company as it did in her childhood days ;)

Linked ya up :)

Mukta said...

Hello tilda sen tilda,

Thank you for linking me up. And why are you up so late. Isn't it a school nite? Hee hee hee!

~Sen~ said...

Don't worry, * school nights * don't start here before 2 o'clock.Though * school days * do start at 6 morn.Rest of the sleep is made up sitting and snoring in the class.Courtesy, the extremely exciting lectures ;)

* hops away to the canteen for more time-kill and hunger-murder *

Heretic said...

Thanks for dropping by, Mukta. Figure you either study or used to pretty close to my place (just off FC). :-)

Lotsa bloggers cross that road. Perhaps our paths have crossed too. Keep in touch.

The Bored Junk Mailer said...

Can numbers be "English"? Me thinks the French 8 looks the same as the English 8. And you know how the French would hate that. You wouldn't want them tearing up your city, would you?

anumita said...

Stop working late!

Khakra said...

you may have feuded with your bai in the past to deserve the roti surplus. one piece of advice: don't feud! after i did, not only did we get the rotis wrong, but bhindi tamatar ande which was like torture from a dande

Mukta said...

Hallo sen,

Okay, bon apetit for the canteen fest.

Hi Heretic,

Actually I moved to Pune a couple of months ago. I'm working here - Bund Garden Road though.

Hi Bored Mail Junker,

Nope - 4 in Hindi and 4 in English looks different - different script.

Hi Anumita,

Good to hear from you!

Hey Khakra,

Nope. No feud with bai - I don't even meet her. he he! It really was miscommunication.

tablemannered said...

i want ur bai!!!!

Mukta said...

Hiya table,

Yeah! My bai is precious!

jaygee said...

Oh God! that was howlarious.. and yes now I ROFL...:)

Mukta said...

Hi jaygee,

Long time! How are you? You're busy as well, eh?