Thursday, October 20, 2005

Poe, afternoon, queerness

This happened one afternoon that stretched langorously over many anaesthetic eternities. I read a verse by Poe.

Something like this:

'If in your dream you went to heaven,
And you plucked a flower,
And then you woke up and found the flower in your hand,
Ah! What then?'

Excellent drowsy imagery. White, poisonous, spectacular flower - like Datura. Linen - soft creases, thick drapes, cool glass of water at the bedside table. Japanese beads at the foot of the bed. Some chimes ringing like the Chariots of Fire tune. A very gracious conundrum. A soothing cenotaph of reason.

My bai cooked meat when there was no oil. Hadn't realized there was meat in the house. My fountain pen had stopped leaking, all of a sudden. Hadn't realized that stain was ink.

Strange. Like Poe in the afternoon.


Rudra said...

cool one...

bit, bit, tiny bit like poe's XXX...................
Last week I transferred my pre paid service to Billing. The dealer told me that for 6hrs my mobile connection would be off. But when I spoke to the CCR of Airtel, that fellow told me that its gonna take 48hrs. I was bit annoyed that day n had big fight with that CCR,....well, Well, WELL the service were suppose to start from Monday afternoon, ...... Sunday night (after my fight with CCR)I was dreaming about my new post paid service and my new number, n I am calling all my friends and telling about this new number.......n On Monday morning when I woke up....service was in place. :)))))))))))))))))
Sho sho sorry.... CCR.....and thanks a lot.....

Mukta said...

That's very good service, I must say! Damn cool!