Friday, September 09, 2005

Memory Music

Sometimes, there is truth in email forwards. The one I’m talking about is a powerpoint slide that had an ebony black beetle on a dewy, bright leaf looking all Rousseau-esque. The teal italic font read: ‘A friend is someone who sings your favorite song when you’ve forgotten the tune.’

My pal, Mohit, sent me my Mumbai rhapsody – pictures of Mocha.

Thank you.


Ravi said...

Looks like the Powai one. Isn't there a Mocha in Pune?

Mukta said...'s the powai one. is there a Mocha in Pune? Is there? is there? No-one here knows or no-one will tell me.

jaygee said...

Oh you poor thing.. now that u are there. am sure its a matter of time before mocha comes calling to pune, if it hasn't already..

Rabin said...

Mocha this, Mocha that, can't beat an evening spent in Zara's in Chennai :)

Mukta said...

hi jay,

hope you are right about this.

And R,

Yeah what? And what's zaara? - sounds nice. :-D