Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It's all for you, hon..

Client visit today. So:

1. Breakfast from Barista's. (It is somebody's idea out here that a Tandoori Paneer sandwich is morning food.)

2. Tomato soup has salt.

3. Conference room has enough chairs.

4. System guys are not listening to Aashiq Banaya or Woh Lamhe.

5. Receptionist is at the reception attending calls.

6. Security is not at the reception attending calls.

7. Flush is working.

I make eye-contact with one of these raison d'etres and mouth the words, 'Please come again.' She smiles back.


Rabin said...

Everyone's dressed slightly more smarter and are generally lounging around.

Desks are wiped clean, no evidence of any ongoing work..

Ravi said...

The scene from Iqbal where the father comes home & finds Iqbal filling water, sister reading book & mother cleaning rice. The father knows something's cooking behind his back seeing the perfection of all this.

So whats cooking in your company?