Thursday, August 11, 2005

Will rhyme for food

Let it be known, let it be said
Long after I'm gone and dead;
That in my lifetime, from so far,
I reached my office in half an hour.

I lost my scarf in the whizzing ride
And yet I take it in my stride
I write forced poems and I laugh
And cheerfully script my epitaph.

*Waits for applause to die down*


Ambuj Saxena said...


*Waits for applause to die down*,
From far corners of this sleepy town.
"Will rhyme for food" is a good try.
"Do tell us more", we all cry.

*Waiting for a bigger applause*

Ash said...

*boisterous whistling and catcalls*

Now that's the kind of verse to perk up my day !

jaygee said...

Wow! half a hour!!!?? did u fly? land straight on the roof and come waltzing down???

Kahini said...

How in half an hour? THAT deserves applause.

anumita said...

You changed residence and you never told me???!!!

Rabin said...

Let it also be known, let it also be said,
Long after you are gone and dead,
that rhyme as you will,
or rhyme as you won't
it is not my intention to taint,
but surely mukta shakespeare you ain't


Rabin said...

hehe sorry I just cudn't resist that one :D

Mukta said...

Hi all,

This has spawned several bards I see.

Yes Ambuj - good one! Clap Clap!

Thank you ash - the only one who appreciates my art.

Jaygee - what can i say, baba...roads were EMPTEE!

Kahini - yes, yes. that too. and you didn't need to be that brutal...:-D

Anumita - nope haven't changed residence...just got luckee

R - HMMPH! Hee hee! Okay, fine..but then shakespeare didn't rach HIS office in half an hour either. And I was writing my epitaph, not a classic. Good one though! :-)