Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Some things I'd like to be

This post has its roots in my nebulous misanthropy. I do not like people too much. I am fascinated by them the way one is curious about anything that one doesn't like - the noise in the dark, perhaps, or that thing that floats in the custard. It is doubly fascinating for me because I'm not only the eye that observes, but I'm also the thing that floats in the custard.

And now, there shall be no more talk of dessert flotsams because I like custard.

Anyway, Ambuj suggested that I make a list of things I like. But that's entering into a heap on a muddle on a mound of so much. Therefore, I thought of what I'd like to be. In school, we used to write essays that involved exciting personifications. We'd write the autobiography of a pen, of the apple tree in the school compound, of our needlework teacher who was as human as the first two. (I lied about the third one.) I used to love that.

So, here's a list of things I'd like to be. And if it matters at all, I wanted to be point number one before Bon Jovi had that same aspiration. I swear..by the moon and the stars in the sky…that song lyrics do not influence me. (She smiles wickedly and floats away.)

Thanks Ambuj, this was very very enjoyable!

Some things I'd like to be:

*Saturday Night

*Season's first rain

*A baby's fingertips

*A Christmas present

*A platinum pen

*A perfect shell

*A new book waiting to be read

*The first reaction on seeing the Grand Canyon

*A scriptwriter

*First day at school

*A discount sale

*A lilac moon in an autumn sky

*High tide

*A crazy idea

*A flute

*Something diaphanous with shimmer

*An Urdu poem

*Thirtieth day at work

*A wholesome meal

*A Frank Sinatra song

*Airport at dawn

*A resignation letter

*A Cosmopolitan - the delectable ruby-red drink

*An artist performing before a packed stadium

*Bamboo shoot

*Long earrings

*An ancient manuscript

*A tropical storm

*In the right place at the right time - anywhere but here, anytime but now

*A rivulet

*Handmade fabric

*Fine wine

*A 'WOW' when someone means it

*A stunning photograph

*A clay pot


*A long distance phone call

*Magic lamp

*A Guru Dutt movie


*A plastic bangle

*A last wish

*Curator in a war-ravaged museum

*Cognac warmth

*Turkish coffee

*A moth with a penchant for flames of scented candles

*A tight hug at a reunion

*A job well done



*A search engine

*Luscious Silk

*A Tennessee Williams play

*Quirky lyrics....`You're a twist in my sobriety.'

*A black orchid

*A polished dance floor

*Sea spray

*Winter fog in the countryside

*An uneven number

*A story…oh yes; above all else, beyond everything…a story


anumita said...

Now do we need a different list to tell us what you like?

jaygee said...

I want to be you.. :D

Ambuj Saxena said...

Thanks a million, Mukta.

60, and counting....

I wonder why didn't you just said "Google" instead of "Search Engine".

And instead of a just claypot, I would have said "A clay pot waiting to be lifted off the potter's wheel" .

Another possible addition might be a Rakhi.

I will stop here as otherwise it will become my list. :D

oglidonkee said...

M i request your presence on my blog
Here it is if you could check it out

(just a single post so far!)

sinusoidally said...


Ash said...

Nice list ! Another lovely glimpse into who and what Mukta is :)

Rabin said...

ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga...

Khakra said...

* Déjà vu

I desperately seek that

Nagesh Pai said...

You are blessed with all of this and more .. May God Bless you with even more!

Mukta said...

hey anumita,

have written to you. do reply!

Hi Jaygee,
:-D. Have written to you as well. Do reply.

Hi Ambuj,
I didn't say google, becoz I mean, that's kinda like corporatizing a wish. In any case, have you checked out something called 'askjeeves.com'? That's really nice too. And rakhi, eh? :-D

Hi ogli,
I most certainly will. Just a little too busy now, but very very soon, I promise.

Hi sinus,

Hi ash,
Ah! Insights into myself. I have heaps of them if anyone's willing to listen!

Hey R!
Kya baat hai!

Hey khakra,
Why do u desperately seek deja vu?

Hi nagesh!
Thanks so much. :-D