Friday, July 08, 2005

When the mind is without sleep, the truths awake

It’s not true that the opposite of what makes you sad will make you happy.

Planet M Powai has a better book collection than Crossword Powai.

Anybody who has introduced you to a writer you love, has introduced you to your soul mate.

To err is human – thank God for that.

A beautiful poem feels like home.

Such has been love, ever since time began; ambrosia to the Gods, hemlock to man.

If a person keeps insisting on something more than 4 times, the opposite is true.

The most important truth you will hear from one who loves you is – I miss you.

The most important truth you will hear from an adversary is – You are right.

It is possible for expensive things to be priceless.

There is no way you can get a life – so one must stop telling others to do that.

The color of tea escaping from tea leaves into milk is beautiful.

Beauty is a cliché.

A cliché is a powerful truth that is only accepted and not understood.

If it isn’t a truth, it’s a lie and it’s not cliché.

A backward glance, a second chance and a last dance can make all the difference.

The best place to live in is your mind, the worst place to live in is your mind, the only place you’ll live in is your mind.

It is still good to smile and say hello.

There is thought-provoking and there is the result of provocative thinking. Everyone is capable of both.

A life lived vicariously can also be a life lived to the fullest.

It’s lovely to know a person’s guilty pleasures. Guilty pleasures are sweet and dangerous.

Blackberries and blueberries are as pretty as flowers.

Note the time you ask a question. Note the time you get the answer. What happens between that time is what makes you ‘YOU’.

I need help when I have a fake smile, not genuine tears - that I can get over the minute I see a wet jasmine on the road.

A broken mirror hypnotizes.

Truth is a color. Everyone has a favorite.

Get sleep – seriously! Get sleep.

My insomnia, my truths.


Nagesh Pai said...
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nin said...

nice thoughts...
"A beautiful poem feels like home"-wonderful........
keep it up....

Nagesh Pai said...
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Nagesh Pai said...

typos in my last posted comment. Here is the checked one:


Lovelly thoughts indeed.

Like an I Ching book i could find some of my answers there. There was one about questions, answers and the time between them, which i could relate to my latest blog that i posted yesterday "The unforgiving boss". Would be glad if you would check it out. . I will be writing another one on questions and answers and keep you posted on that one.

The second last line was the most important one So do sleep well!! and Dream big!!


Rabin said...

Go easy on the coffee. If you can figure out a cure for insomnia, you let me know

but i guess creativity stems out of a restless mind :)

anumita said...

absolute gems!