Monday, June 27, 2005

Oh Crap!

A crappy crappy day!

My mind has just become woolly and I have to interact with dunces from Dunceyard dancing around me waving files and throwing weight and acting self-important.

I think I'm ready to pop a blood vessel in the white rage that consumes me. Every time I get up to storm off somewhere, I stub my toe. I'm a big girl now but I've come close to tears at the unfairness of not having a cubicle all to myself. I don't even have a potted plant.

Hmm, interesting! A potted plant - I shall call it Evangeline, after Longfellow's poem.

BENT like a laboring oar, that toils in the surf of the ocean,
Bent, but not broken, by age was the form of the notary public;

I'll put some fake earthworms around it and slim, silver streamers every Friday to celebrate the Christmas that is so so far away. Maybe, I'll also tie pieces of colorful rope on each branch so that the fake earthworms can go and hang themselves if the earth gets too much with them. That'll be interesting arboreal ornamentation, me thinks.

Maybe I'm a fake earthworm on someone else's potted plant.


A crappy crappy day!


Rabin said...

And I thought I had all the dunces working with me :-)

I've got a boss who reminds me of the Pointy Haired Boss in the Dilbert comic strip, this guy makes everyone, fax a document, send it by courier and by email.

Mukta said...

So cute! Your boss, I mean. Sure, I can see why it's exasperating for you but just the idea that someone somewhere does this buffoonery in all earnestness...hee hee! classic funny!

Ash said...

Fake earthworm on someone else's potted !


Nagesh Pai said...

Hehehe.. you sure had a terrible day :-D... Black monday straight from Thomas sawyer...Cheers!

Nagesh Pai said...
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Gangadhar said...

Nice post,Muktha!!