Monday, June 13, 2005


Serendipity and books have shaped my taste in music. I have chanced upon these songs while living one more ordinary day. Perhaps, I read the lyrics on a website, perhaps I heard about this song at a cafe from an old lady sitting next to me, perhaps a pal recommended it strongly. These songs are my favorite because the first time I heard them, I smiled in wonder. (Umm, I'll list more than 5 since I'm not tagging anyone else.)

1. Tujhse Naaraz Nahin Zindagi, Hairaan Hoon Mai from 'Masoom' - Had read a little bit of the lyrics translated in English in Upmananyu Chatterjee's, 'English, August'. Agastya Sen goes to a small dhaaba reminiscing of things that were and he hears this song, raspy and scratched, on a cheap radio. 'I am not angry with you, Life, just amazed.'
Got curious and heard this number and found myself nodding, 'My sentiments exactly.'

2. Jaane Kya Hoga Raama Re from 'Kaante' - Was fidgeting with my popcorn while this song was going on. Chanced to look up and saw Dutt smoking a ciggie and looking to the left over his shoulder. If phoenix had a form, this would be it. He has sung a bit of the number and in my opinion, ROCKS it!!!

3. I've got Mexico by Eddie Rabbit - I have a friend who always cuts me down to size but has often provided me with music to go with the derision. He shared his music folder with me around the time I was nursing a broken heart. This song was in a sub-folder called 'Assorted' - the kind of category I stay away from. But my mouse was jammed, I jerked it, the sub-folder opened by mistake and this song started playing - I felt my heart heal. Absolutely beautiful number.

4. Dreams by Cranberries - Heard the first time on my pal's, Nysha's, radio set on my way home from college. Heard it for the second time on my first serious date with A, as the soundtrack of 'You've got mail.' (The date was an on-line set-up by the way - how's that for coincidence). Heard it for the third time four years later on the radio when I was lying on the floor thinking about Nysha and A. The song started playing, as if on cue!

5. That's Amore by Frank Sinatra - Love is just a simple, tender, mad-cap feeling. Listen to it and smile that goofy grin!

6. Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani from 'Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani' - The lyrics hit home and in a nice, sweet, ice-candy sort of way. There's a line in this song, 'Thodi si majboori hai, aur thodi hai manmaani' (there's a little bit of compulsion, there's a little bit of whim.) The picturization is rather cute. It's got a shoe-shine boy polishing one of Shahrukh's shoes to the line (Thodi si majboori hai), then Shahrukh shows his other shoe and the little boy simply puts up a sign - 'Out to Lunch' (Thodi hai manmaani.)

7. La Bamba - my 'theme song'.

8. Karma Chameleon by Boy George- It's the only number I have bothered to learn by-heart and sound great singing it.

9. Bye Bye Love - Heard it as the sound track of the movie by the same name - refreshing, charming, movie but strangely, not too many people have seen it. Loved the movie and adored the song! In fact, when the song closes with 'Goodbye my love goodbye', you can spot a rainbow - metaphorically, of course.

10. Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra - He doesn't sing. He takes you to the beach on a starry night, gently tucks a stray hair behind your ear, leans close and whispers. 'Love was just a chance away, a warm embracing glance away.' Sigh!

11. Material Girl by Madonna - My sassy icon and my source of continued fascination for fishnet stockings.

12. The rain falling on the sea - it really does sound like fairies doing the waltz!

PS : Thanks J for tagging me. This was fun!


jaygee said...

hey no problems. am glad u had fun doing it

Deep said...

if i am not wrong, it is:

'Love was just a glance away, a warm embracing dance away.'

although u have probably hit another level of poetry with embracing glance :P