Monday, June 20, 2005


I work for a software company. It’s very very mainstream. Blood dripping red and MS Windows folder-yellow cubicle panels notwithstanding, ours is a very staid company. We have black ceilings and our pantries have grey steel walls. Men in Black and assorted aliens would find my office suitable for several of their proclivities, but aside from that, we are very regular, very average, very sitting-in (using the phrase as the opposite of ‘standing out’.)

People dressed in clothing that homogenize into a sartorial mush walk into the pantry room and take their teas and coffees from the vending machine. I, too, am part of the homogenized mush even though I wear aqua.

So, on an overcast Monday, I walk into my pantry and see three bean bags. One is purple, like Barney Flintstone’s Dino; the other is yellow, like a wet post-it, and the third is dark green or dark blue or black. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought that my company has been taken over by Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network, appraisal time, my company…?

Go figure!

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Ambuj Saxena said...

This is my first comment post on your blogs, and unfortunately is a negative one.
Please change the text color back to one before. This one is too stressing on the eyes.
Keep up the good work