Sunday, May 22, 2005


It's true what they say, 'Having a piano doesn't make you any more of a pianist than having a child makes you a parent.'

A lot of people, especially in today's ambitious times, tend to bite off more than they can chew. This could be in areas of their work, or marriage, or investment, or religion, maybe. Sometimes that works and sometimes that fails. But the one area one shouldn't be taking chances is with a child. There are way too many instances where children grow up in an environment feeling unwanted. I have seen mothers yell at their three-year old girls to get out of their ways. I've seen fathers snap when children ask to be taken to the bathroom during a movie.

Well, to all those parents - there was a time when you could be selfish and that time is over. Sure, life is not the same after a child and it wasn't meant to remain that way. The whole point about good parenting is not that it recognizes taking care of children is a big responsibility, but that it doesn't smear the child's face in the forced martyrdom that parenting has come to be associated with nowadays. (Yes, long sentences mean I rant.)

Yes, so you had to give up your dead-end job that you thought was going to take you places. Yes, you don't sleep as much and you don't go out as much and your vacuous friends don't keep dropping by so often. But then, deal with it - in your own head
without berating an innocent child who wouldn't have chosen you for parents had he or she had the chance.

Parents keep focusing so much on the fact that they've had the baby that they forget that the baby has them - and the latter is the more sombre aspect of this whole deal. Some growing up is definitely in order - but for the baby, that's natural; for the parents, it's imperative.

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